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Bleaches & Biocides

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    Bac-50 biocide

    BAC-50 is a strong, rapid acting biocide. It will kill most if not all algae, moss, lichen and fungi. BAC-50 is ideal for treatment of pavements,walls, block paving, fencing, buildings, roofs and various outdoor surfaces. A lot of the off the shelf cleaners will definitely not have the same strength as our BAC-50.

    Dilution: Use at a dilution ratio of 1 part chemical to 10 parts water for lightly affected areas. for heavily affected areas use at 1:20.

    Usage: Simply spray on to the affected area and walk away! Typically you will notice a vast improvement within 2 weeks.

    If our BAC-50 doesn’t DO THE JOB …. NOTHING WILL!

    Our bac-50 goes a long long way!

  • Bleach

    Directions: For sinks, drains, toilets etc use 100ml to 5 litres of water (or stronger if required) For stained cotton fabrics use 200ml per 5 litres of water – DO NOT USE ON NON-COTTON FABRICS! 

    Keep upright & store in a cool place.

  • Patio & Driveway Cleaner

    Dilute approx 1 litre of product to 5 litres of water. Apply directly to area to be cleaned. Agitate briefly with a brush. Leave for 1 hour and simply wash away.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite (15%) 

    A strong commercial liquid sanitiser and disinfectant for routine use where any disinfectant is required.

    Chlorine source for shock treatment of pools and spas. Ideal for treatment of heavily used pools, particularly those which are installed indoors. Suitable for direct dosing or for dosage using injection equipment. Alkaline – tends to raise pool water pH.

  • Thick bleach

    For sinks, drains, toilets use 100ml per 5 litres of water or stronger if required.

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