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  • Automotive glass cleaner

    Description: A spray glass cleaner for the removal of dirt, grease. wax etc.

    Usage: Spray on to surface 12 inches away.

    Dilution: 5-20:1

    This glass cleaner goes along way!

  • Black carpet dye

    Description: Black carpet dye is an effective treatment for warn carpets & mats. It is a fast drying & alcohol based.

    It will provide an ” AS NEW ” appearance!

    Usage: Apply to pre-cleaned dry areas using a brush or spray. Remove any  over spray immediately.

  • Heavy Duty Degreaser

    A powerful multi-purpose degreaser especially effective on fat, oil and grease in industrial and domestic areas. General cleaning dilute 1:50 parts water. Heavy duty cleaning dilute 1:20 parts water.

    Storage: Keep upright and store in a cool place.

  • Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner

    A powerful non-acidic wheel cleaner that enhances the appearance of wheels without the use of strong acids.

    Usage: Use through a hand spray or apply with a brush to wheel surface.

    Can be diluted depending on wheel condition. Rinse with with water after use.

  • Non-Caustic Traffic Film Remover and Wax

    A caustic free TFR blend of alkalis, water softeners & emulsifiers used for the removal of traffic film on vehicles.

    Low PH with a was rinse additive that will leave a glossy shine to all vehicles.

    USAGE: For use with pressure washer systems dilute 1-50 to 1-200.

    For use as a pre-spray dilute 1-10

    Also available in 25L and 200L

  • Quick Clean

    A non-solvent multi service dressing for interiors, wheel arches, door shuts etc. Leaving a lustrous sheen and pleasant fragrance.

    Usage: Use through a spray bottle or apply with a soft cloth.

  • Screen Wash

    Screen wash is an effective way to remove dirt, grime, insect deposits etc.

    In winter months or in cases where more frequent washes are requires use neat. For regular use dilute 50:50 with water.

  • TFR & WAX

    A traffic film remover/degreaser with a wax additive to leave a high gloss finish. Designed for use through a pressure washer system.

    USAGE: For use with a pressure wash system dilute at a ratio of 1:8

    For use as a pre-spray dilute at a ratio of 1:15

    Also available in 25L and 200L

  • TFR high foam

    A high foaming, highly concentrated blend of premium quality surfactants, emulsifiers and livery enhancers.

    USAGE: For use through pressure washer systems, pre-spray units and applicators.

    Dilute 1-30 to 1-60 depending on soiling.

  • Wash and Wax (triple action)

    Cleans, shines and protects all vehicles.

    Usage: Rinse off dirt with cold water. Add approximately 500 ml to 10 litres of water. Apply with a sponge or brush.  Rinse off with clean water and dry with a chamois leather.

    Storage: Keep upright and store in a cool place.

  • Wax rinse & shine

    A wax rinse designed to give excellent beading and leave a deep glossy finish.

    Application: Apply through a pressure washer or pressure spray to vehicle paintwork.

    Dilution Ratio: 1 part chemical to 25 parts water.

    Long lasting shine!

  • Wet wall tyre dressing 


    A long lasting tyre dressing. Unbeatable gloss & weather resistance.

    Please note: Old worn tyres may require a repeat application.


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