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Hard Surface Cleaners

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  • Bathroom Cleaner

     Ideal for the removal of soap scum, limescale and grime from hard surfaces in the bathroom, wash rooms, kitchen and wet rooms. It is suitable for use on wood, metal, glass, laminates, porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

    Application: Apply directly to surfacesusing a clean cloth, sponge or spray bottle. Leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse or wipe clean.

    Repeat if necessary.

    Avoid prolonged contact with lacquered  and painted surfaces. Do not rinse or mix with other chemical cleaners or detergents.

  • Caravan Cleaner

    A highly concentrated multi-purpose formulation for effective removal of oil, grease and grime. For use via a pressure cleaner or spray units.

    Direction: May be used on caravans and boats, etc.

    Dilute up to 8:1 prior to use via pressure washer. Apply chemical from bottom up until whole vehicle is covered.

    Do not allow to dry. 

  • Citrus Surface Cleaner

    Citrus Surface Cleaner is ideal for cleaning, degreasing and stain removal on all types of surfaces throughout the home.

    DIRECTIONS: Dilute with clean water and apply directly to surfaces using a clean cloth, sponge or spray bottle. Leave 1-2-minutes the rinse or wipe clean. Repeat if necessary. Do not rinse or mix with other cleaners or chemicals.

  • Oven Cleaner

    A thick high quality caustic based oven cleaner to remove stubburn grease, grime and carbon deposits.

    Oven cleaner removes stubborn grease and grime and carbon deposits. Wipe off and loose soiling from the surface. Apply a thin even layer and leave for 15 minutes before wiping off or rinsing.

    Suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection must be worn.

    Storage: Keep upright and store in a cool place.

  • Window Cleaner 

    Window cleaner is a quick, simple and efficient way to clean all glass surfaces. Spray or rub direct on tho surface to be cleaned. Rub off wet spray immediately with a soft microfibre cloth for best results.


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