Roof cleaning service covering Solihull, Bromsgrove and Birmingham, West Midlands.

Moss, algae & lichen left untreated looks unsightly, it can also damage some types of roof tiles, and contribute to blocking roof gutters creating further maintenance problems.

Removing moss, algae and lichen need not be an expensive operation. The actual cost for removal depends on the extent of moss cover, height of the roof and accessibility.

I offer a High Pressure Cleaning and softwash option. High pressure cleaning is only advised if your tiles are in A1 condition. I would advise sealing your roof after cleaning. This being due to your tiles are now porous. With the softwash, I gently spray a chemical over the roof. You have two choices. Choices are Biocide or sodium Hypochlorite. The Biocide will take around 3 weeks to take effect. Soduim Hypochlorite on the other hand, you will see a noticeable difference the same day.